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Virtual Tour in Georgia

Virtual Tour is one of the most strong and quality tools that may seriously influence increase the number of clients by providing accessibility to the desirable places in tourism and range of related industries such as trade, production and services.Beautiful sights, outstanding cultural heritage, geographical advantages along with unique hospitality give Georgia great potential for tourism development.

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Wine Tours in Georgia

Why Georgians do are so hospitable and generous people.The answer is quite simple: the famous Georgian hospitality dates back to the early Iron Age, the period when they started to make wine. The development of viniculture spread the home atmosphere through the whole country, which is present till today. In each Georgian family the guest won’t leave home without tasting a glass of homemade wine and listening to couple of toasts by “Tamada”-Georgian toastmaster.

The Wine Tour leads you to the birthplace of wine-eastern part of Georgia- Kakheti where you will see plenty of vineyards and wine factories both traditional and modern, taste unique kinds of Georgian wine and maybe compete in making toasts with Georgian Tamada.

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days wine tours and its up to you for choosing the program which suits you the best.

Draft Itinerary / 1 day Wine Tour

09:00 am. Departure from Tbilisi.The day starts with exploration of Kakheti- eastern part of Georgia famous for its viniculture. First of all we will make stop in the place called Bodbe which is famous for its monastery which serves like a burial site for the most beloved Saint of Georgia Nino. The road continues to the city of Sighnaghi -one of the most popular sites nowadays. The city is beautifully located on the hill with enjoyable view of the Alazani River valley surrounded by the fortified wall. Later on we drive to the city of Gurjaani where the unique architecture church of All Saints is located. Hereby we will stop at the local wine house where participate in baking Georgian bread Lavashi,cooking national sweets Churchkhela. Here you will become a sommelier and try the homemade Georgian wines with the hosts in their private Marani(wine cellar).If time permits drive to Gremi architectural complex and then departure for Tbilisi.

Option #2 / 1 day Wine Tour

09:00 am. Departure from Tbilisi. Drive to the eastern region of Georgia-Kakheti which is acclaimed as a cradle of wine. Drive to the academy of Ikalto beautifully located in the grove of cypresses .It was founded in the 12th century by King David the Builder and used to be the centre of Georgian spiritual and cultural life for quite a long time. Famous Georgian poet, author of the national epic Knight in the Panther’s Skin used to study there. We continue the road to the St.George Alaverdi Cathedral constructed in the 11th century and still impressive with its architecture. Continue road to Telavi-administrative centre of the region with the palace Batonisthikhe-former residence of local kings. After we will visit the area called Tsinandali.The Tsinandali Museum is the former residence of the 18th century Kakhetian prince and poet,Alexander Chavchavadze,who turned the residence into a center for Georgian intellectual life. It also houses one of the oldest wine cellars in existence with wine dating from 1814 where we will have a wine degustation. After which departure for Tbilisi.

Option#3 / 1 day Wine Tour

We begin our day today with exploring the wonderful province of Georgia called Kakheti which is located in its eastern part. The trip starts by visiting the Old Shuamta complex, dating back to the 6th century.The road continues towards St.George Alaverdi Cathedral built in the 11th century .It usedto be one of the central cathedrals of Georgia especially famous for it decoration.Later on we will drive to the modern wine factory Badagoni, where we see the process of making wine, taste it and have a nice lunch on its territory. After exploration of the modern ways of making wine we will set the road towards one of the oldest vineries existing in Georgia.It is located in the Tsinandali-a former residence and the nowadays museum of the Georgian princes Chavchavadze. After full exploration of the area drive back to Tbilisi.

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