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Grape varieties in Georgia

Traditional Georgian grape varieties are little known in the West. Now that the wines of Eastern and Central Europe are coming to international awareness, grapes from this region are becoming better known. Although there are nearly 500 to choose from, only 38 varieties are officially grown for commercial viticulture in Georgia:

  • Rkatsiteli (white) is a variety that is so widely grown in Eastern and Central Europe that it ranks third in the world in hectares grown. It is the most important grape varietiy used to make Georgian white wines. It is high in acidity and is capable of producing wines with fine character. Rkatsiteli is the best and the most widespread grape variaty in Georgia. Bred in Kakheti, it is now widely distributednall over the country. Rkhtsiteli plays the unique role in the Rebublic's wine-making. Blended with Mtsvane and other grape varieties, Rkatsiteli is processed into the vintage wines of Tsinandali, Vazisubani, Gurdjaani and many others.Apart from that, Rkatsiteli is used for producing port, dessert wines and liqueurs. Rkatsiteli is also the primary material for distilling the best Georgian brandies. as well as into the ordinary table wines.

  • Saperavi (red) produces substantial deep red wines that are suitable for extended aging, perhaps up to fifty years. Saperavi has the potential to produce high alcohol levels and is used extensively for blending with other lesser varieties. It is the most important grape variety used to make Georgian red wines. Saperavi is one of the oldest grape varieties cultivated in Georgia. Its homeland is Kakheti. It took its name from the pigments contained in its berries ("saperavi" in the Georgian language means "pigment". Saperavi is the best representative in the world assortment of red wine grape varieties. The Saperavi grape variety is used for manufacturing the best Georian red vintage wines-dry, semi-dry, naturally semi-sweet and fortified dessert wines-such as Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli and others.

  • Mtsvane (white) is also important in Georgian wines, and is often blended with Rkatsiteli to which it adds a fruity, aromatic balance. In the Georgian language Mtsvane means green. The Mtsvane white grape is one of the best varieties cultivated in Georgia. Bred in Manavi, it has been spread to the whole of Kakheti. Wines made of the Mtsvane grape variety are noted for their strong and extremely pleasant aroma. It is invariably used for refining white vintage wines.

  • Alexandrouli (red) (Alexandreuli,Alexsandrouli) Alexandrouli is the basic Racha a red grade of a grapes. This grade under the right borrows(occupies) one of the first places among faults of this type; production with strong aroma and excellent(different) addition turns out both in Racha, and in Kakheti. Preliminary results give us the basis to conclude, that grade Alexsandrouli in Kakheti is given with fault of excellent quality. In these wines are felt characteristic tone of cherry taste. Taste harmonious, soft and even velvety. By our experiences, from grade Alexsandrouli in Kakheti turn out natural-sweet high quality fault. They are characterized by pleasant aroma, a substantial extract and harmonious taste.

  • Alexandria

  • Tsolikauri (white) The vine-growers of Imeretia (Western Georgia) cultivate mostly the Tsolikauri, Tsitska, Krakhuna, Chinuri, Goruli-Mtsvane and Pinogrape varieties which are the top-class raw materials for the manufacture of high-quality table wines, champagne and dessert wines and liqueurs. Imereti with its huge vineyards is one of the principal high-quality wine-making regions of Georgia. The most wide-spread locally produced wines are Tsolikauri, Tvishi.

  • Tetra (white)

  • Chinuri (white) Chinuri one of the basic Kartli grades of the grapes, widespread(distributed) mainly in Gorian, Karelian, Mtskhetian and Kaspi areas. A grade white, high-yielding. Has the big stability against illnesses and wreckers, but weak cold constancy. The grapes of grade Chinuri is used mainly on a place for a table and for manufacture of ordinary faults. Now in the industry matters only as high-quality wine material for champagnization and for faults of local type, in view of his(its) big improving subtlety. Dining rooms sustained fault of Kartli from grade Chinuri green-straw color, pleasant and substantial taste, an easy and harmonious body, gentle and graceful structure recently have deserved general attention. On our researches, more high quality fault turn out at manufacturing by the European way.

  • Mujuretuli (red)

  • Ojaleshi (red) is cultivated on the mountain slopes overhanging the banks of the Tskhenis-Tskali river, particularly in the Orbeli village and Samegrelo district (Western Georgia) Ojaleshi most anciant and most valuable of mingrelian and lechkhumi red wine grades of a grapes. Leaves of average size, oval or nearly so rounded. The general form of a cluster cylindrical-conical. The Berry almost black, average size, a thin skin rather thick, it is easy separated from pulp; rather juicy and fleshy. Berries in bunch frequently ripen non-uniformly, that is a characteristic attribute of grade Ojaleshi. In production Ojaleshi long since it is used for preparation of natural semisweet faults. The last century from this grade the glorified prirodno-sweet wine becoming first from time vintage wine of Georgia was produced. In prirodno-sweet wines due to the insignificant rests of sugar normal and pleasant softness, velvetiness and a harmonicity which put forward these fault in numbers(lines) in the best red faults not only in our republic, but also in other countries is observed. The grade of grapes Ojaleshi is characterized dark ruby by color, vigorous taste, pleasant sweet and normal extract content. The grade concerns to number of the grades giving qualitative wine materials for reception easy natural-sweet of faults.

  • Usakhelauri (red) is cultivated mostly in the Zubi-Okureshi district in Western Georgia

  • Izabela (red)

  • Tavkveri (red)

  • Asuretuli (red)

  • Cabernet Sauvignon (red) Cabernet the world famous wine red grade of a grapes distributed almost in all wine making countries. Within the limits of Georgia this it is extreme high valuable grade, it is cultivated only in Kakheti (district Teliani in Telavskom area) where it(he) has found the second native land. Grade Kaberne for the first time was delivered to Georgia directly from France in D. Dadiani's 1893. In continuation of several years the grade was widely tested in specific manors Tsinandali, Napareuli, Mukuzani and other places of edge(territory). The wine is characterized by thin and gentle taste with a bouquet of a violet, beautiful colouring of rich red after long endurance(quotation) and the big durability, and also suitability for sparkling wine materials and dessert strong faults. In connection with that Kaberne has received the least distribution to Georgia and not everywhere reveals the excellent qualities, already for a long time it is established, that basically from him(it) it is possible to prepare only for dining rooms high-quality fault.

  • Aladasturi (red)

  • Tsitska (white)

  • Khikhvi (white) is grown in Kardanakhi

  • Dzvelshava (white)

  • Krakhuna (white)

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